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Wildfire Tattoo Studio
PO Box 765
224 N Main St
Walnut Cove, NC 27052
Phone: 336-591-5400

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Established in 2000. We are a single service, autoclave sterilization, privacy assured studio. Offering reworks of older tattoos, cover-ups and custom work.

Mitzi and Steve decided to open Wildfire Tattoo Studio in May of 2000 after their children were a little older and in school. Mitzi served a traditional apprenticeship at Dragon Moon Tattoo Studio in Glen Burnie, Maryland. Wildfire is off the beaten path and a nice place to stop in and say hi and to get tattooed or pierced in a private, relaxing atmosphere.

We strive to make everyone feel welcomed and comfortable. Each piece we do is as unique as the person we are tattooing or piercing. We see tattooing as the art of self-expression.

We practice Universal Precautions in Preventing Disease Transmission in Tattooing. We use single service needles and autoclave sterilization with third-party autoclave testing. Autoclave logs are kept and we are inspected on a yearly basis by the Health Department. Please call or email if you have any further questions.

Offering Tattoos, Body Piercing, Art & Gifts
Mitzi Britt

Mitzi started her apprenticeship in 1993 in Glen Burnie, Maryland with some wonderful, great people and artist. Tom and Ms. Mick Beasley at Dragon Moon Tattoo Studio. Before tattooing Ms.Mick made sure she knew all about clean, safe tattooing and Mitzi got to travel around the United States for a little while with Ms.Mick and Dr. Kris Sperry teaching clean, safe tattooing at tattoo conventions. 

Tom and Ms. Mick also showed her a traditional apprenticeship in tattooing and a bigger appreciation of tattoo history with long hours and learning the tools of the trade.

In 2000, Steve and Mitzi decided to open a tattoo studio in Walnut Cove, NC where they have settled in for the past 18 years. Mitzi is experienced in reworks, cover-ups and custom work. Coming from a busy street shop you have to be a well-rounded artist.

She is also a chosen artist for The Inked Phoenix Project that is a non-profit helping cancer survivor, first responders, and our military with covering up scars with tattooing.

Mitzi believes in welcoming each customer with a relaxing and creative environment so they can receive a one of kind tattoo with great memories attached to them. She is always open to creating the tattoo design with the customer and discussing all of their options.

After, tattooing for such a long time Mitzi still appreciates the art and history of tattooing and understands that getting to Mark your skin with permanent art is a magical experience and a privilege.

Tap Stewart

Tattoo artist and Piercer Tap Stewart joined up with Wildfire Tattoo Studio in 2002. Tap was born and raised in Stoneville. He is in love with art and people since he can remember and has an equal love for the fine art of tattooing and piercing.

Jame Mabe

James Mabe joined turning the duo to a trio! James is a freelance writer and artist living in the foothills of North Carolina. His work has previously been published in The Coraddi, Sanitarium Magazine, Beautiful Bizarre, Weirdbook Magazine, and his first novel, “All the Lights in the World”, is available through Amazon. His paintings have been exhibited in galleries throughout North Carolina and have been commissioned as cover art for Corpus Press. His interest in tattooing grew out of a love for counter culture art and his time spent in the punk scene. When the opportunity arose for him to become a tattoo artist himself, he jumped at the chance, eager to both explore what he could do with the medium and to satisfy his more sadistic tendencies.
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