The Story Behind
Hello and welcome to My name is Albert Cardwell and I own and have created the website. I wanted to let you know a little bit about me and why I have designed this website.

I went in to business for myself at 20 years old in 1982 with a retail camera shop in Madison, North Carolina in Western Rockingham County. I closed the retail division in 1998 but remain in business under that name today. During the years in the retail business I served on several merchants groups and boards and was over some of them. I grew up in this area and my goal then was to help promote all of the local businesses and that is still my goal today. I know what it is like to be self employed and to stand behind a counter waiting for customers or to get out and call on clients to drum up business. 

When I closed my retail store I went into website design. I wanted to use that technology to help promote the local businesses with with web pages that were affordable and I wanted to create something where all of our advertisers could help promote each other.

In 2002 I created the website and it has been a very successful website ever since. It has had millions of views and I'm am always hearing success stories from our advertisers. I've been able to get most of our advertisers near the top of the search engines with special keywords and other things I have tried over the years. has been a central source for the county to find businesses, restaurants, churches, schools, local links, clubs and organizations, local jobs, a calendar of events, photo galleries and more.

I live only a few miles from Stokes County and I have always love the area.  I have wanted to create for years to help promote the businesses in Stokes County, North Carolina but just didn't have the right person to help me. Recently I met with Darlene Hawkins Dill, a friend that was also a former employee from my camera shop. We always had a good working relationship and I knew if anyone could help me get this off the ground it would be her.  After several meetings, has been created.

Our goal is still to help people promote their businesses with new audiences with advertising that is affordable. We use several methods to promote our website and our advertisers. If you have a business in Stokes County, we would love to feature it on Please contact us and we will be glad to discuss it with you. Of course there is no obligation on your part. Also check out our Advertising Information Page to learn a little more about our site.

We will also be doing some cross promoting for and that will help the businesses in both counties. Besides we are neighbors and neighbors should look after each other.

We are looking forward to meeting you and working with you.

Albert Cardwell

The Camera Angle
PO Box 17
Madison, NC 27025-0017
Phone: 336-548-1999

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